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ABOUT It  WorX Miracle Products 

It WorX Miracle Products was founded with one mission in mind: to help the world with a natural solution to pain management. It WorX Miracle Products had the most humble beginnings. It was created and forged with LOVE. My sister had a heart transplant on June 27, 2020 and I was NOT going to allow my sister to become a statistic and addicted to opioids. So I began researching CBD. After researching CBD, I didn’t see any negatives, only pros. If combining CBD and essential oils will heal the body, why not incorporate that and heal people? I initially made CBD-butter and used it in food and salted caramel bites, but I then saw that coconut oil was even better than the butter, and just like that, my edibles It WorX Candies formerly known as “Candyman’s Sweet Treatz” was born. Another part of my business is It WorX Miracle Products. My father was complaining about serious knee pain and possibly needing a knee replacement and I urged him to use my infused coconut oil on his knee. He was skeptical at first, and then he stated “I was hoping it‘d work, and all I can say is ‘it works’ and I’m so glad it does.” That was back in January 2021. One day my products will cure cancer. I believe it because Jesus said “You’ll do even greater things than I” and I’m trusting and believing I will do just that… Browse our site to see what we have to offer.

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